Compliance Packaging

  Do you need help keeping your multiple medications straight?  Do you have trouble remembering if you took all your medications today?    Are you running out of some of your maintenance medications before others even if they were filled the same day?  Medication compliance is very important.  In order for your medications to work properly, you must take them every day as directed by your doctor.  With so many priorities to think about, it's easy to forget to take your medications.  Moshannon Valley Pharmacy can help!

Moshannon Valley Pharmacy's blister pack service is an excellent way for patients to help manage multiple medications.

  For no additional charge, we will place your medications into convenient, monthly blister packs (Similar to a weekly pill planner!).  The packs are separated into 4 times of day that you may take your medications: Morning, Noon, Evening, and Bedtime.  Some limitations apply.

The advantages of the program are:

· Multiple medications contained in one easy-to-access bubble pack.

·Medications organized by time of day they should be taken

·Simplification of complex regimens

·Increased compliance

·Less confusion


This program may benefit you if:

·You have trouble taking the medications out of a prescription vial (difficulty opening the lid, spilling medications)

·You struggle to remember which medications to take at which time of day

·You do not have a caregiver (but would benefit from one) or your caregiver is overwhelmed by the complex medication regimen


This is a free service offered by Moshannon Valley Pharmacy.  In order to qualify, patients must be on multiple medications and comply with Moshannon Valley's SyncRx program.  Ask our pharmacy staff members for more details and take a look at our demo packs located at the front and pharmacy registers!